Sunday, September 20, 2009


To be completely honest our late deviation to the Wilson Vineyard was as much about showing my guests the beauty of the Polish Hill River sub-region as it was Wilson's wine.

Any trip to Clare isn't complete without a stop at Wilson, Pikes or Pauletts (most beautiful view in Clare by some distance). Even if you don't like their wines, these three wineries (once again I must reinforce Pauletts) are surrounded by some of the most picturesque countryside in Australia. It simply must be seen to be appreciated.

The Wilson Vineyard is a small, father and son run Clare winery whose unsurprising house specialty is its pair of Polish Hill sourced rieslings. Their wines tend to reflect the fuller, more sumptuous and juicy end of Clare riesling, of which, the 2008 wines remain completely faithful.

Wilson senior, Dr John, hosted the cellar door on this particular sunday. It always pleases me to see an owner/winemaker behind the tasting bench. Dr John informed me the 2009 rieslings had just been bottled and were unavailable for tasting.

Although made in smaller quantities, the Wilson Vineyard rieslings are suitably priced and well worth seeking out for riesling enthusiasts. These wines effortlessly reflect both variety and region.

As a side note, The Wilson Vineyard has the most elaborate vineyard chemical storage facility/watch tower I've seen.

The Wilson Vineyard Traminer Riesling 2008 ($18?) Strong lychee/musk nose. Its oily palate shows true traminer flavour, before finishing fine and very dry with a cut of sharp riesling influenced acids. Good blend. 89

The Wilson Vineyard Polish Hill Riesling 2008 ($19.50) Apple, pear and lemon peel type nose with perhaps even a hint of brioche, or something bready. The palate contains good texture, concentration and depth to its juicy varietal fruits of classic Polish Hill style. 91

The Wilson Vineyard DJW Riesling 2008 ($22) Single vineyard (unlike the Polish Hill), Polish Hill riesling. Very similar to the previous wine, but a bit more shape and body. Good clarity to its rather sumptuous, juicy fruits in the white pear/apple/lime spectrum. 92

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