Saturday, September 12, 2009


The venison chorizo had me on this one. I love venison (deer for the unawares) and I love chorizo. Apparently venison chorizo is a regional specialty in the Margaret River. At first I was a bit sceptical about the venison/chorizo combination. Normally chorizo is driven by the oily, fatty goodness of the liberal amounts of pork fat which make it such a delight. Venison is a very lean meat, which made it sound like an unusual meat for a chorizo to me. On sight, the leanness and beautiful deep burgundy colour of the venison was readily apparent. The sausage was magnificent. It had ideal chorizo texture, so you had to pull away at the perfectly cooked skin with your teeth. Its flavour was deep, meaty and pronounced, more so than your typical pork fat chorizo, while its fine array of assertive spices carried its flavour into a long, pronounced and lingering finish. My reservations had been proven wrong, seriously wrong. This was exceptional sausage. The breads and spreads were commendable, but real joy came from dipping the bread into the chorizo oil (once the sausages had been eaten) and then into the dukkah. Marvellous!

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