Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Looking at Leeuwin's menu, the crab souffle immediately appealed to me. I'm a huge fan of crab and a huge fan of souffle, so this choice was obvious. It just sounds like a dish you can't go far wrong with.

One of the best dishes I've ever had was a memorable prawn mince and garfish souffle from the Saloppian Inn at McLaren Vale. To be honest, I was hoping some of that glory would be recreated here.

Now this souffle didn't go far wrong, but it hardly excelled where it could of. The sauce was excellent; delicate and delicious (and provided superb dipping for the french fries afterwards), but the souffle lacked genuine crab influence, pushing forward too much eggy flavour.

The texture was a bit disappointing too. It was nice and fluffy, but not delicate or gentle enough. Once again the egg made an impact here, as its texture almost reminded me of a very light frittata.

Overall it was a pleasant dish. I just expected a bit more from one of Western Australia's most famous restaurants.

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