Saturday, September 12, 2009


Working on the fly in the city of Adelaide means I get to use a large number of different toilets, which in turn makes me pay attention to them. I also pay attention to winery toilets.
As soon as I walked into Voyager Estate's I knew I'd walked into something special.

I've seen cellar doors which were no where near this pretty. I mean, have a look at it; marble bench tops, brass fittings, wooden finish and even floral arrangements, it's gorgeous. Total toilet extravagance! I'd almost be happy for Voyager Estate to conduct their tastings in there (with a separate tasting room for the females of course!).

Other winery toilets of note are Balnaves, where they've covered a wall with Gary Larson's fantastic Far Side cartoons, and Ashton Hills, where they tell you to go urinate on a tree outside (and they're damn serious!). In the state of South Australia things are fairly dry. Trees need all the nourishment they can get.

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