Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our dessert dish, an apple rhubarb crumble, was probably the best dish of the day. It wasn't an outstanding dish by any means, as crumbles aren't exactly the most technical dessert to make, but it was very tasty and soundly made. Slivers of walnut in the crumble added textural interest with delicate crunch, whilst the addition of cinnamon provided an extra degree of flavour. Unfortunately, the house made custard which was provided as a dressing, was a real let down. Basic flavour was the problem here, but at least being in a separate jug lets you could control your pours. Less was definitely best in this case.

Leeuwin Restaurant - The Bottom Line
In summary, Leeuwin's restaurant provides an excellent, first rate dining experience. However, it must be said the food we ate on the day let the experience down, significantly. The ambience and setting are just magical, possibly the best I've seen at a winery restaurant (comparable to d'Arenberg anyway) and service is fantastic. If the food was up to the standard of the service and atmosphere, I'd consider giving Leeuwin Estate 10 out of 10. Unfortunately, food must always define the bottom line. As the food was good but pricey, and not exceptional.....

I give it 8/10.

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