Wednesday, October 27, 2010


- Northern Tasmania
- $15-$23
- Screwcap
- 12.5%alc

A recent VC catalogue brought a smile to my face when I read the text describing Josef Chromy's 2009 Pepik Pinot Noir; "Varietal personality and drinkability make this a contender for best Tassie Pinot." Now that's an optimistic pitch for one of the cheapest Tasmanian pinot noirs around!

For $18 Josef Chromy's 2009 Pepik captures the perfumed, musky features of pinot noir well. Its cherry and strawberry aromas do veer slightly towards the confectionery side, but elements of cinnamon sugar, spearmint and even stalk help keep things interesting, whilst directing the fragrance well away from souped-up rosé territory. The palate is relatively light in weight and not as sweetly pitched as the nose, as its varietally correct flavour profile suggests more dark, brandied cherries and sap with a greenish note of tomato stalk to finish. Unfortunately, like many sub-$20 pinots, there are several aspects which let the palate down. It's texturally uninspiring and fairly short on length and depth of fruit, while it finishes a little green-edged and dirty with a gritty resistance, however, it's nowhere near as hard as some pinots within its price bracket.

O At $15 bulk-buy this is worth a 'pepik' for someone in search of a house/quaffing pinot. Just don't expect anything more than a basic varietal expression. Drink to 2013.
87 points


  1. Well, the latest VC catalogue eschewed using a wine writer at all. Instead they employed a fashion editor. When I publicly questioned this they seemed quite defensive...It's almost Spring Carnival and they thought it was a great idea. [rolls eyes]

  2. Jesus! Who's their target market again?