Wednesday, October 13, 2010


- Margaret River, WA
- $35
- Screwcap
- 14.0%alc

The Blue Poles winery was first brought to my attention by Australian wine bloggers, the majority of whom sing glowing praise when discussing Blue Poles merlot-based wines in particular. Judging by the exceptional standard of Blue Poles' 2007 Reserve Merlot, there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking the odd tip from wine bloggers! :)

Forget ripe, juicy, plump, jammy fruit; this fine merlot instantly displays a thrilling mix of true varietal and regional character by expressing a somewhat rustic, charry bouquet of olive and cherry with a fresh and fragrant tone of raw cedar/mocha oak. For Australian merlot it's very distinctive, masculine, complex, savoury and downright compelling to behold. The medium-full bodied palate shows an extravagantly silky texture, whose effortless velvet-like feel pushes back the boundaries of what I'd expect from a young Margaret River merlot. This sensuous nature flows to the wine's extremities, going beyond its ripe yet composed cherry, plum, gravelly earth and toasty mocha oak flavours to beautify a harmonious acid/tannin structure, which contradicts itself through masked strength and beguiling sensitivity. To finish, it leaves a long standing impression of warm, melted chocolate flavour not too unlike that of top shelf McLaren Vale shiraz.

ü+ In every respect this a gloriously sensuous and deeply fruited merlot of real character. Sensational. Drink to 2019.
94 points


  1. What I like about the approach Blue Poles and Mark take is that they give a stuff about Merlot and explore fully the site and terroir of the grapes (including the geology). I think it really shows in the wines. Though for some wines, to 'mimic' old world styles equates to the wine being thin and lacking power, Blue Poles has thus far managed to create a lovely restrained savouryness to many of their merlot / Cabernet-merlot wines. In a few blind tastings, the Blue Poles wines have come out very well in pretty good company. Will have to buy more of these!


  2. Yeah, this was my first encounter with a Blue Poles wine and to say the least I was bloody impressed. I was honestly expecting something drier and finer like Marg River cabernet, but its richness, texture and depth had me all the way.

    I'd love to come across the Allouran blend one day ($25 sounds fantastic!). I'm always telling people how we need to have more merlots blended with cab sav/cab franc etc. to allow the grape to fully realise its potential, a point which Mark at Blue Poles obviously agrees with. Now I just gotta put my feelers out!

    Chris P