Tuesday, October 19, 2010


- Clare Valley, SA
- $31-$50
- Screwcap
- 13.0%alc

As an unashamed follower of Jeffrey Grosset, I was delighted to hear both his Springvale and Polish Hill Rieslings were promoted in the latest Langton's Classification. Grosset's Rieslings may sell for less than half the price of other wines ranked 'Exceptional' and 'Outstanding' by Langton's, but their place among such elite company is completely justified.

There's a brightness that shines from the glass of Grosset's Springvale, suggesting clean yet sharp, faintly floral aromas of bath salts, mineral, green apple and talc; and of course, the obligatory lemon/lime tones, which in 2010 draws a fragrant line equally between these two citric descriptors. On the palate it drops a fullness of weight, power and richness that some might liken to its brother wine, but it doesn't just drop on entry; it pushes on relentlessly through the mouth, with a bracing surge of mineral-bitten lemon and white pear flavours bonded by the welcomed physicality of a tightening, lengthening extract of somewhat sour-edged, zippy, almost fizzy acids that leave the mouth feeling dry, impressed and dying for more. It's seemingly fuller and richer than some Springvales, but its balancing structure and length pay homage to the pedigree.

ü+ Once again it seems Mr Grosset can do no wrong with dry riesling. If Australia was riesling, I'd want Jeffrey to be Prime Minister. Drink to 2022.
96 points


  1. Sounds great! The '10 Springvale seems to be garnering more praise than the '10 Polish Hill (normally it's the other way around). Do you generally have a preference Chris, between the two?

  2. Like most I'm generally a Polish Hill man, but I actually preferred the Springvale from '08 and '09 for its tightness and grip. However, I'm back on the Polish Hill train in 2010, mainly because I feel it's even longer than what is certainly a very long 2010 Springvale.

    But definitively, Polish Hill for me please.


  3. Do you know how much risidual sugar is in both the Springvale and Polish Hill Riesling? To compare them with the new Off-dry riesling which you said was 16g/l.

    I am about to check if you have reviewed the Pewsey Vale Prima riesling. I am looking for the best Australian off-dry riesling.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. BudGSmuggler,

    Without being 100% positive, I'd imagine those Grosset's to have no more than 1g/l residual sugar at most. They're seriously some of the most brilliantly bone-dry expressions of Australian riesling we have. If you are interested in the exact tech-specs, I'm sure a quick email to Jenny at the winery would answer your question. She's always very obliging. :)

    I have a little note for the 08 Prima in my Yalumba notes under the 'tasting' tag (could take a bit of digging :/ , but I think the 09 Prima was much better. Like many from the Eden Valley that year, it had a much crisper acid structure than the 08. It should still be current vintage as well.

    Good luck,
    Chris P