Friday, March 11, 2011


- Frankland River, WA
- $24-$33
- Screwcap (Stelvin-Lux)
- 12.5%alc

With their collection of uniquely styled, individual vineyard rieslings having performed exceptionally well across recent years, Frankland Estate has confidently risen to the cream of Australia's riesling crop. The organically grown Isolation Ridge could be the best of a terrific bunch.

Steely, tight and lean on the nose, the 2010 Isolation Ridge appears not just incredibly savoury by Australian riesling standards, but also methodically crafted with technical precision. There are stony aromas of quartz and minerals in addition to flinty edges underpinned by lime juice, giving a general impression of dryness, which the palate delivers in spades alongside some very persistent fruit. From start to finish, the palate travels through a layered assortment of landscapes. Beginning with pure reflections of lime juice, crisp apples and spritzy/stony minerals, it moves with an expansive wave of powdery, chalky acids and limey undercurrents, becoming longer and stronger as it marches deep into the mouth, before finally finishing with a mouth-puckering, side-splitting acidic intensity that no lover of Australian riesling could resist. Its length and structure are top class.

ü+ Intense and vibrant (so says the back label), it feels like this riesling has just used my mouth as some kind of well choreographed dance floor. Spectacular stuff. Drink to 2022.
95 points


  1. Sounds like a ripper. Loved the 09, so will have to try this.

  2. Yeah, loved it Red. I must admit I never got round to trying the 2009. I loved the 06 and 07, then, contradictory to others, I wasn't that impressed with the 08, which I guess led me to ignoring the 2009. Popular opinion suggests it was probably a bad move by me! :/