Monday, March 28, 2011


- Adelaide Hills, SA
- $28-$32
- Cork (Diam)
- 13.8%alc

You'd have to be blind to unknowingly walk past the artfully labelled pinots of Lucy Margaux Vineyards at your local independent. Like others, I was tempted by curiosity the first time I gazed upon these bottles; however, with scant information (no back labels) I didn't know where to start. So, it was the words of Tim Cohen; "whatever you do, do not 'not' buy this wine - 98pts', that steered me towards the Domaine Lucci.

From first sniff there's an attractive statement of character emanating from the Domaine Lucci, which isn't exactly typical of Adelaide Hills pinot noir. There's sweet-edged scents of redcurrant and rhubarb expressed with lively appeal, as well as rather compelling, savoury notes of yeast and tomato stalk joined by more a familiar undertone of dark cherry. Its fragrance is vivid, interesting and different, but the show goes on. The unusually varietal palate may be straight forward in pinot texture, structure and progression, but it drinks with ease, thanks to clean balance and intriguing flavour. I can't help but think of thinned-out tomato sauce and beetroot, graced by a leafy suggestion of stalk - somewhat red and vegetal really. Structurally, it shows a moderately dry caress, leaning towards stringy, lithe, unforced acids that drive with ample zip through the finish, before it leaves the mouth feeling clean and refreshed, with that initial tomato stalk/beetroot note returning to wrap things up.

ü For a $30, 1 year old Adelaide Hills pinot noir; I'm gushingly intrigued. It probably isn't everyone's cup of tea though. I wonder if the Lucy Margaux wines represent similar value for money... Drink to 2014.
90 points


  1. I've picked up a couple of Lucy Margaux's which I'll take a squizz at at some point. Be sure to let you know how they differ (or not) from the DL wines. Very polarising.

  2. Polarising is definitely right Stu. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a fence-sitter here. I'm certainly very intrigued with what's going on with the brand, and the 2010 Domaine Lucci Pinot, if anything, flowed down my palate with ridiculous ease. I'll be keeping a close eye out for your opinions on the DL wines Stu ;)