Wednesday, March 16, 2011


- King Valley, VIC
- $32-$36
- Crown Seal
- 11.5%alc

Dal Zotto's L'Immigrante is arguably Australia's finest achievement to date with the Italian inspired sparkling wine, prosecco. For the more budget conscious, Dal Zotto now also make a deliciously fresh and foamy, apple and pear laden Pucino Prosecco NV (90pts) for around $20.

As to be expected of the label, there's a bit more interest in here than other Australian prosecco. It shows a balance of sweet and savoury on the nose, opening to a clean scent of Amaretto entwined with white pears and flowers, but it's on the palate that the L'Immigrante really shines. Beautifully soft and foamy on entry, it literally breaks through with wonderful length and a linear tightness, gripping and directing the wine in a multitude of directions whilst providing spectacular shape. Within its shapely confines lie a delightfully fresh array of mineral and slate infused white-flesh fruit flavours, which finish very dry yet savoury and funky, with a lingering note of sweet biscuit passed over by particularly crisp citric acids. Conclusively, it's absolutely delicious and downright flawless within its nature.

ü+ Previously I've seen prosecco as a style best suited to bolstering and diversifying Australia's $20 sparkling class, but now, I think it's capable of much, much more. More please! Drink to 2013.
93 points


  1. Nice TN Chris. Keen to try this as well.

  2. Oh I've had a bottle sitting on my shelf since last November. I'll give it a crack.

  3. JP and Red,

    I'd be hoping it would be the type of wine that be so far up your alleys (you in particular JP), that you might need to buy more real estate! ;)
    It could be a bit more complex but for what it is it's bloody delicious.

    I'm finding I prefer taking tasting notes not just on wines I enjoy more, but also those which present something exciting, different, or those for which I hold some real anticipation.

    I had a glass of Dal Zotto's NV Prosecco a few weeks back and was thoroughly chuffed, so I spent the next few days searching Adelaide's retailers for a bottle, except, the problem was, when I finally found some, the L'Immigrante was sitting next to it. 'Bugger it, just get the more expensive one' I said to myself ;)

    Chris P

  4. GW,

    November! And I thought that 09 M3 sitting on my shelf since December was in need of consumption! :)

    Typically good call on your behalf re: the 09 Mangan by the way :)

    Chris P