Tuesday, September 21, 2010


- Adelaide Hills, SA
- $35
- Screwcap
- 14.0%alc

It wasn't that long ago I made mention of my desire to see Hahndorf Hill take either component of their blaufränkisch/trollinger rose and turn it into a single varietal red; so now, I'm quite literally drinking my own words! Hahndorf Hill's 2008, Australia's only blaufränkisch, was made from vines approaching 20 years of age, with the wine having spent 11 months in French oak.

In its native Austria blaufränkisch is said to produce a lively, cherryish wine and this descriptor holds true for the Hahndorf Hill. There's a certain sweetness and warmth to its lifted cherry fragrance, almost reminiscent of Kirsch, but that fruit sweetness is wisely underpinned by suggestions of damp, earthy soils and a well defined spice/herbal/floral edge. Its vibrant palate sits happily in the medium weight range yet is a touch lean on opening, however, it develops beautifully with air, revealing a truly expressive length of fruit (considerate oak handling and appropriate vine age?) that takes on a variety of guises. Initially its flavour is all bright cherries, raspberries and blueberries in an almost fruit bomb-like fashion, but that gives way to prouder nuances of licorice, which morphs into enduring notes of menthol and herb held together by a fine tapestry of sour acids and light tannin.

ü+ All up this is a very convincing first effort from a difficult season. Kudos must go to its vibrancy, length, drinkability and unique nature. I'm already loving Hahndorf Hill's new direction with the variety. Drink to 2013.
91 points


  1. You sure do love your wine! I've just began to discover it, I must say, I can now tell the difference between good wine and avergae wine!

    Your reviews are quite helpful, have you been to any wine events?

    Did you hear about the Good food and Wine event happening quite soon?

    Check out my blog, iheartgoodfoodwinecheese, I'm following all the latest going ons in Adelaide!



  2. Hello,

    Yes, I have been to some wine events :) and I've also caught wind of your blog recently, as well as the Good Food and Wine event happening at the Wayville Showgrounds soon. I think your post on the fizz tasting may just have tipped me over the line on my appearance at the event by the way :)

    It warms my heart to see another Adelaidean blogging about food/wine/cheese, and I'll be following your blog in the future with a very keen eye. :)

    Chris P