Friday, September 17, 2010


- Pemberton, WA
- $16-$23
- Screwcap (Stelvin-Lux)
- 13.5%alc

If there's but one thing I strongly admire about Larry Cherubino's recent accomplishments, it's the increased exposure his success has helped bring to Western Australia's often underrated, 'other' (than Margaret River) fine wine districts.

The back label of Ad Hoc's Pemberton sourced Hen & Chicken boldly states; 'OAKED CHARDONNAY', a message which echoes through to its rich, generous bouquet of unashamed winemaker extract. To some extent its forward scents of toasty butter/vanilla oak, creamy malolactic influences, nuts and nougat overshadow its melon/peach fruit aromas, but it still entices the nose with assertive intensity and complex appeal. There's a noticeable generosity of weight and flavour in the mouth, as the palate pumps out grapefruit and peach tones contradicted by an emerging cheesy funkiness and a mouthfeel that's almost as creamy and full as a litre of yoghurt in a 750ml tub. To finish off it lingers with extensive cheesy/leesy/malo notes, nutty goodness and a balancing, soft yet bright acidity that ensures another glass isn't too far away.

ü+ Given that Ad Hoc also make an unwooded Pemberton chardonnay to cover the bases (cleverly named the Tree Hugger!), this well worked, classy little beast hits its personal mission statement perfectly. Drink to 2014.
91 points


  1. Sounds a bit like good old fashioned Aussie Chard, you know, the kind without the sunshine in the bottle but with actual flavour instead.

  2. Enjoyed the 2008 vintage last night - absolutely beautiful!