Tuesday, September 14, 2010


- Clare Valley, SA
- $20-$25
- Screwcap
- 12.5%alc

Crabtree first came to my attention in a big way when their 2009 Watervale Riesling took out the top gong in the Young Riesling class at last year's Royal Adelaide Wine Show. The Hilltop Watervale Riesling is Crabtree's second riesling label, which, I'm hoping, won't cause confusion to anyone in search of a riesling from southern NSW.

There's an immediate sense of place to Crabtree's 2010 Hilltop Riesling, which blows off a pleasingly assertive floral/lavender tone that's completely in tune with its classic Watervale lemon citrus and mineral characters. On deeper inspection touches of musk and bath-salts add even more appeal, completing an undoubtedly youthful yet open and balanced aroma. When the palate hits it spreads with a wonderfully natural movement indicative of fine Clare riesling, releasing clear-cut lemon/lime citrus flavours switched on by true purity and crispness. The long finish kicks into gear with a direct line of dry, chalky citric acids that scatter towards neatly defined points like tiny fragments emanating from smashed glass. I've heard the word soft used to describe some 2010 Clare rieslings already, but this doesn't fit that bill; it's zingy, crisp and full of life.

ü+ Another beautiful Clare riesling from the hands of Kerri Thompson. I actually find this superior to Crabtree's award winning effort from last year. Drink to 2018.
93 points


  1. Tim,

    Yeah, I like it! I visited Clare on the weekend and am fairly impressed with almost all the 2010s I've had thus far (the exceptions being one with a good dose of residual sweetness and one which I felt was a little too 'freshly bottled', if you know what I mean). Unsurprisingly, Grosset's Polish Hill looks exceptional, even by his standards.


    Still a work in progress..... :)