Tuesday, July 27, 2010


- Clare Valley, SA
- $17-$23
- Screwcap
- 11.0%alc

Since their inception, I've aspired to one day meet the team behind Some Young Punks. The words 'young' and 'punks' aren't usually associated with wine types, but perhaps accordingly, they're two words that have often been thrown my way.

Baring a complete name with as many characters as some of Europe's linguistically challenging rieslings (albeit translating to something completely different), this lifted, floral and musky Clare riesling presents an attractively feminine perfume blessed by sweet-edged notes of lychee, rose petal, apple blossom and musk stick. Its happily clean and clear palate announces rich and luscious, sweet musk, lychee and rose oil tones in a sticky, almost moscato-like manner, but then there's a much welcomed, firm influence of Clare's tightening acidity, which prevents excessive cloying whilst accompanying the wine towards a long finish punctuated by citrus tart flavour. Supposedly there's some oak here, but with the obvious residual sweetness I can't really tell.

O From packaging to palate, this is a thoroughly modern riesling with assertive feministic attitude. However, I think it's trying to be a wine that would 'tear down the building, just to pass through the door'*, when really it's more of a 'like ants in a colony it does its share, but there's so many other insects out there.'** I like it though, and I'm sure some young girls will too. Drink to 2015.
88 points


  1. * Taken from 'Do What You Want'
    Written by Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz
    From the 1988 Bad Religion album 'Suffer'

    ** Taken from 'Punk Rock Song'
    Written by Greg Graffin
    From the 1995 Bad Religion album 'The Gray Race'

  2. Yet to taste a good off dry Clare (or Eden) Riesling and it sounds like this won't change things.

  3. I must agree Andrew, I've also yet to try one which successfully balances sweetness with cutting acidity.

  4. found both the red and the white at the bot in melbourne and love them both