Thursday, July 1, 2010


- Central Ranges, NSW
- $12-$20
- Screwcap
- 12.0%alc

The high altitude vineyards of New South Wales' Orange/Central Ranges region have proven well suited to sauvignon blanc, a point which Cumulus amply illustrated with their 2009 Climbing release (91pts).

Cumulus' second label, Rolling, has delivered an uncomplicated SBS from 2009 with light scents of sauvignon blanc derived passionfruit/tinned tropical fruits leading aromas of lemon zest and nettle. Its light-medium bodied, forward palate presents a well timed, juicy hit of clean and fresh fruit flavour in the middle section, before finishing with brassy undertones and hints of apple in a soft, loose fashion without any significant tightness.

O An eye catching label and 4 bronze (!?) medals on the bottle might help this find its niche market, where it should drink okay with seafoods or in a pub atmosphere. Other than that there's not much to excite serious drinkers in this clean yet uninspiring SBS, although it is priced accordingly. Drink now.
87 points


  1. I may actually applaud the attachment of 4 bronze medals for once. Screams "clean yet uninspiring" to the consumer I would hope ;)


  2. A very good point JP. I must admit as I was coming to the end of the bottle I stared at those shiny stickers thinking to myself; 'hmm, yep, it IS a bronze medal wine.' Guess we could call it sound, honest marketing? ;)

    Chris P