Tuesday, July 13, 2010


- Lower Hunter Valley, NSW
- $10-$21
- Screwcap
- 10.5%alc

Those who follow Hunter semillon certainly would've noticed the recent release of Mount Pleasant's 2006 Elizabeth precedes that of the 2005. Mount Pleasant's cellar door assures me the 2005 will be released, but because of the show medals it's already amassed its release date has been set back indefinitely.

Already quite evolved, the 2006 Elizabeth presents oodles of kero/toasty development on first sniff, with a mid-straw colour that foretells a dry, savoury fragrance of grilled nuts, lanolin and cooking oil backed by a stagnant citrus tone. Seemingly lacking vitality and true harmony of its components, its rather flat palate reveals forward, developing toast and grapefruit characters marked by mineral/spritz nuances, which end abruptly with a loose formation of zingy acids. As a plus its classically moderate alcohol enables it to flow down the palate with ease.

O Unfortunately, this is the second vintage of screw-capped Elizabeth which hasn't fully met my expectations. It's easy to see why it was brought forward. Now, I'll just sit back and wait to see why the 2005 was pushed back. Drink to 2011.
87 points


  1. Dud development stage perhaps?

  2. Definitely a big possibility Andrew, but I would've liked to of seen more zip and freshness to suggest it'll hold for any significant amount of time. Right now it just looks like a wine that's developing rather quick for the label - in my nose and mouth at least!

    It's doubtlessly worth another look though, especially as its being flogged off for $10 a unit in Adelaide at the moment. From what I understand it drops to even lower than that in Sydney on occasion, $7?

    Chris P

  3. Haven't seen it at $7 in Sydney, though it wouldn't suprise me. I don't mind the Elizabeth, though I am finding it very hard not to spend all my Semillon budget on Thomas Braemore and the Tyrrell's offerings (eg:Belfords, Stevens, Vat 1)!

    PS: if you see the 2005 Elizabeth on sale for $7 in SA, call me! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. I will drive to Adelaide to get 2005 E Semillon at $7.00 a bottle.

    2. I will drive to Adelaide to get 2005 E Semillon at $7.00 a bottle.