Wednesday, July 7, 2010


- East Coast Tasmania
- $22-$33
- Screwcap
- 13.0%alc

From their unique micro-climate on Tasmaina's picturesque east coast, Freycinet consistently produce what I believe to be Tasmania's finest riesling. Recent vintages have proven this to a tee, in particular the juicy, crystal-clear and schisty 2007 (95pts).

Intensely fragrant, with a chalky, mineral, slightly spicy and sharp expression of white flower, pear/apple and paw-paw aromas, the 2009 Freycinet reveals a long, racy palate packed with considerable shape and structure. Its clean announcement of varietal lime juice, rose petal and spicy musk stick flavours are driven along by a viscous undercarriage, which in turn gets offset by a side-splitting extract of powerful, powdery acids and citric freshness. It finishes with exceptional length, tightness and austerity; bearing the lasting impression of true top shelf material.

ü+ Freycinet's 2009 Riesling exudes class and character throughout all of its aspects; aroma, texture, flavour, structure and length. Just fabulous. Drink to 2021.
95 points

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