Sunday, December 27, 2009


- McLaren Vale, SA
- $10
- Cork (Capsule)
- 19.5%alc

Despite the controversy surrounding Chateau Reynella's U.S. parent company, no one could doubt the present day wine quality of this historic brand. The old-vine grenache, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and fortified wines of Chateau Reynella often fly under the radar, but they easily rate with McLaren Vale's finest.

Although not terribly deep in colour this affordable Tawny is a definite brown, unravelling to intensely lifted, heady scents of raisins, orange rind, gentle spice and smoky oak, all of which is overcome by a lingering whiff of strong spirit. There's a lack of penetrative length or depth to its more forward, lighter Tawny-style palate, whose juicy, raisined flavours of Christmas pudding and scorched butterscotch end with a spirity sharpness and sour edges.

ü Regardless of its $10 asking price, I did expect more from this label. It's a lovable cheap Port and not much more than that, which makes it hard to score for me, as even the cheap stuff flows down my palate with discerning ease. Drink now.
87 points

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