Tuesday, December 1, 2009


- King Valley, VIC
- $22-$31
- Screwcap
- 13.9%alc

Despite a recent decline in plantings, there remains a well held belief that Australian sangiovese is on the brink of greater things. However, I sense its presence is predominantly recognised by industry types and serious drinkers, not the wider drinking community. Most consumers I communicate with haven't even heard of sangiovese, let alone know how to pronounce it (san-joe-vay-zee).

A winery which has championed Australian sangiovese with unmatched pride and lustre, Pizzini's 2008 is translucent garnet in colour. Unfolding to floral scents of bright cherry fruits, dusty earth, cinnamon spice, garden herbs and seasoned oak, its pleasingly gentle fragrance shares surprising elements with pinot noir. Light-medium, or even light in body, its youthful palate delivers a beautifully poised expression of soft and fluffy, sweet red fruit/savoury earth flavours, with a powdery chassis of drying tannin and lingering notes of licorice infused bright fruit completing a compelling package.

ü+ Much lighter, softer and significantly suppler than recent releases; Pizzini's 2008 is a skillfully harmonious and drinkable, fruit expressive sangiovese which should fill out nicely towards the medium term. Distinctly different, but the best since 2004 (93pts). Drink 2011-2015.
92 points

Case In Point Update 1-Dec-2009

Casey: Earthy tones, almost pinot noir-like with Christmas cherry aromas. Ever so slight tannins. Crisp finish with slight green notes in the mouth. A soft wine with still a certain amount of complexity. A well balanced, easy drinking wine.

Chris: For a first tasting note I have to agree with Casey quite a bit here. 4 months on and this wine still comes across as pinot-like to me on the nose as well. It certainly shows some sour edged acidity (which Case might be referring to as a crisp finish) and I like the Christmas cherry reference. After 60-90 minutes in the decanter this wine did show some slightly raw, hard edged, green characters as Casey points out, but I believe it came together very well after about the 2 hour mark. I also agree it is quite soft and surprisingly complex (both in mouthfeel and character) for such a young, $26 wine, but I do have to disagree in regards to the tannins. I still find them quite firm, drying and powdery, as opposed to slight. Thanks for the input Casey! In summary I tend to agree with my original note, except I think some of that 'sweet red fruit' character has moved on somewhat. 92


  1. The tannins aren't "slight" IMHO. Certainly assertive and an important part of the pleasure of one of the best standard Sangioveses Pizzini has produced thus far.

    Of course, opinions are what it's all about. Case in point :)



  2. Well, that makes 2 against 1 - we win!