Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I just want to introduce a new, hopefully regular segment to this website which will be titled Case In Point.

For the Case In Point segment I'll be introducing a friend of mine, Casey Shields, whom I've known for 20 years now. Casey, like myself, is a wine consumer with a serious thirst for quality wines, with no industry relations or experience. The two of us have toured numerous wine regions together, attended loads of wine tastings and downed copious bottles in each of others company. For the Case In Point posts I'll be selecting wines which have been reviewed by myself within the previous 6 months, and then Casey and myself will sit down and go over the wine again, using my original review as the starting point.

For the Case In Point posts I'll be reposting my original posts, with additional, updated comments from myself and Casey below.

Casey is a wine drinker in the purest sense, he has never reviewed a wine before, but has certainly done a lot of talking about the stuff. I can guarantee you he has no shortage of drinking experience, hell, he beat me to such famous regions as Burgundy, Champagne and the Rhone!

Although it isn't original I like the concept of a second opinion on a bottle of wine, as well as a second look from the original reviewer (myself in this case). I'm looking forward to the Case In Point posts immensely, especially when it comes to seeing what a more 'standard' consumer has to write about wines (and my reviews!) for the first time. I'm hoping it'll provide interesting insight into how someone like Casey perceives wine. Of course, I thank Casey with the deepest gratitude for his time and input.

The first Case In Point relook has been posted below.


  1. Just wondering if there's much discussion between the two of you during the re-evaluation?


  2. Surprisingly not much for a pair of guys who normally do a lot of yakking together. The Case In Point posts are meant to be administered in a very informal, casual approach between two good mates.

    Casey is still very new to this style of wine evaluation and I probably can't help but to have a 'word or two' to him, but I will completely encourage him to be original and speak his own mind.

    Thanks for the feedback,
    Chris P