Wednesday, December 7, 2011


- Clare Valley, SA
- $15-$22
- Screwcap
- 11.0%alc

A consistent overachiever and proud of it, Tim Adams Riesling personifies what the Clare Valley does best - stunningly dry riesling at a joke of a price. If you drink on a budget and haven't yet acquired the taste for dry Australian riesling, then it's about time you did.

Although unlikely to be a shock to drinkers of Clare riesling, aromas of lemons, apples and spice thrive in Tim Adams' 2011, all expressed with lightness, brightness, clarity and a polite balance. From first sip though, the palate takes centre stage, exuding positive reflections of region, variety and maker. Rich and mouth-filling, its zesty citrus and juicy apple flavours bare a dry and savoury, steely edge, yet the wine's most pleasing feature is a clearly defined, chiselled backbone of tight, chalky citric acids, which drill the mouth's upper reaches in the take-no-prisoners style Tim Adams fans must salivate over. Those chalky acids also impart taste through the finish, creating a mouth-watering aftertaste beset by notes of ultra-crisp green apple and lemon sherbet. It's salivating stuff from the 2011 vintage and oh-so Tim Adams.

ü+ There's a lot of new, more fashionable riesling labels bobbing up and down all over the place but Tim Adams continues to show how practiced expertise regularly pays off. The consistent quality of this overachieving wine over the last half dozen vintages is ridiculous. A real Australian riesling lovers special. Drink to 2023.
94 points

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