Friday, December 9, 2011


- Henty, VIC
- $29-$39
- Screwcap
- 11.0%alc

Famed for its spectacular minerality, tight acid structure and unique terroir, Seppelt's Drumborg resides at the cutting edge of Australia's modern riesling class, taking the challenge right up to long term classics like Grosset's Polish Hill and Leo Buring's Leonay.

Almost colourless, with an icy impression of coolness that restricts its water-tight, stony scents of minerals, quartz, lime and jasmine flower, the 2011 Drumborg's nose does shy away in its infancy, but that's of little concern right now. Now then. An incredibly pure, unblemished minerality graces the palate's first movement, preceding a clean taste of freshly squeezed lime juice that emerges through the middle and after sections, before its mineral notes regroup to accompany its genuinely elegant, beautifully measured citrus elements into a very long, classy finish exuding bright, mouth-watering acids and subtle notes of nashi pear and lemon sherbet. Although impressionable and well built up, its structure reveals a surprisingly calm, seamlessly woven exterior, staying true to the wine's purity and elegance whilst steering well clear of anything unforced or aggressive. It's so pure, understated, youthful and practically virginal, with a sophisticated composition shining throughout. Think of a princess in high school...

ü+ From what must now be one of Australia's most important riesling sites, Seppelt continue to do wonders with the Drumborg. The 2011 carries on the label's fine pedigree, with a minerality, composition, texture and structure rare in Australian riesling. A bottle aged release from this vineyard might be a novel idea but in the meantime, just watch it grow, slowly. Drink to 2029.
95 points


  1. This is one of the most informative information I've read. It really helps a lot. Thanks for sharing this and teaching some of your Idea's

  2. We've all heard how terrible 2011 was so it is good to see that there are some decent wines coming out of it. I've seen positive reviews for riesling from several different parts of the country so all is not lost it appears.

  3. Indeed Paul. I've had some variable results with 2011 rieslings but it does seem our best makers have indeed made some brilliant wine. I have had better Drumborgs than this but the 2011 is still excellent for what it is - delicious and pure. :-)

  4. So did you have a favourite of the 3 rieslings?

  5. I know you're a fan of the label Red, so I'm glad to say Drumborg. It does look like Tim Adams will be my go to easy-buy riesling this summer though. Again. :)

  6. Good to hear and good call on the Tim Adams. It would arguably be my favourite Clare riesling in the sub $25 range

  7. Red, I actually went through a bottle of Tim Adams' 2010 on the weekend, which looked a tad sour citric and awkward at first, but then we put it back in the fridge for about 5-6 hours and it really started to sing, looking ever-so slightly yet wonderfully developed in a somewhat richer and more textured fashion than it was around this time last year. I love Tim Adams Riesling. And his rare Reserve release I love even more.... :)

    Chris P

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