Tuesday, December 20, 2011


- Margaret River, WA/Adelaide Hills, SA
- $18-$27
- Screwcap
- 13.0%alc

Blending 46% Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc with 54% from the Margaret River, Taylors' 2011 Jaraman combines fruit from an area well known for sav blanc with that from an area well known for its sem/sav blanc. I often wonder if bi-regional wines like this would be more likely to gain the interest of fans of both wine styles, or lose the interest of both? It's stretching the boundaries of relevance, but would a collaboration between André Rieu and Snoop Dogg appeal to fans of both the waltz and hip hop?

Intensely grassy and vegetal and altogether reflecting the stronger hand of its Margaret River component, this 2011 savvy also reveals softer scents of poached pears and passionfruit, as it unloads a fragrance with enough intensity to cut through the open-air odours of summertime outdoor drinking. Nothing if not predictable, its pungently varietal palate presents tastes of passionfruit and lychee immersed in sweat, before finishing in a suitably clean yet uninspiring manner that typically (in a commercial sauvignon blanc sense) lacks great shape and structure, although it does culminate with nice notes of lemon rind and kiwi fruit.

O Clean and varietal yet entirely predictable. I would say this is one for sauvignon blanc devotees but at $24.95 RRP, there are innumerous cheaper options available. Drink to 2012.
88 points


  1. As usual, a very nice intro. I would suggest any Sauvingon Blanc translated into a musical context would be more Andre Rieu and less Snoop Dog - a collaboration between Rieu and Heart/Celine Dion/late era Mariah Carey?


  2. Indeed, your collaboration sounds much more relevant than my grossly exaggerated example. A Christmas album between Rieu and Mariah could be a big seller however (if he hasn't already released a DVD with her ;). At the very least, Mariah's modern efforts do tend to produce some worthy film clips... :)

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  4. Snoop dog and André Rieu together will attract no viewers! But i think combining these two wine varieties will produce new blend which can be judged only after tasting.

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