Sunday, September 18, 2011


- South Australia
- $12-$21
- Screwcap
- 13.5%alc

Just taking an unusual look at two very different 2008 sauvignon blancs at the moment. One is your readily available, typical consumer style, exactly the type of wine experts tell us not to age. As for the other, well, we're just gonna have to wait till tomorrow for that...

Ooh, there's quite an interesting nose here. Jacob's Creek's 2008 Reserve is scented with limey/toasty notes (maybe an initial hint of kero as well?), not too dissimilar to a developing riesling, but happily, it still rises out of the glass with certain degrees of clarity and brightness, if not outstanding lift. Unfortunately, it all becomes less distinctive with time. Its palate looks a bit flat, lacking varietal intensity and definition more than anything else, which leaves its one-dimensional lime juice notes to be characterised by an all too simple expression of texture, flavour and structure. Having said that, its limey focus actually proves quite drinkable, surprisingly settled and completely inoffensive, in an ignore the wine and just talk to your mates kind of way.

O Ultimately simple in the mouth, yet not too bad really. I can see where this has fallen down, but I can also see it's disappearing down the back of my throat. I still wouldn't hang on to wines of this ilk though. Drink now.
86 points

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