Wednesday, August 10, 2011


- South Australia
- $7-$15
- Screwcap
- 13.5%alc

According to the information provided by Taylors' June media release, recent Australian market data shows the Promised Land Merlot is the fastest growing wine within its respective varietal segment between $10-$14. Additionally, the 2010 Merlot acquired a silver medal at the 2011 International Wine Challenge in London, which has been something of a happy hunting ground for large Australian wine companies lately. Now then, onto the wine.

Whether it's truly reflective of merlot or not you can decide, but the 2010 Promised Land opens gradually (yes, a bit of air helps a lot) to a predictably straight forward yet relatively pleasing fragrance for a wine of its ilk. It's bright enough, with an oaky scent of granulated coffee showing surprising appeal over its simple red cherry and plum aromas, which thankfully, rise with an additional hint of light spice, or perhaps cinnamon even. Flavoured by similar plum-like tones, its palate is agreeably medium-bodied and juicy up front, if marginally dilute to progress, but its smooth, polished edges display nothing ungainly, awkward or over ripe, although it does finish somewhat short and simple with a minor baked note to pass. However, that could be being a bit picky, because thanks to its smoothness and admirable taste, it actually drinks A-OK as a quaffer.

O Definitively simple yet inoffensive. I'm in agreement with GrapeScott on this one. The merlot is my pick of the 2010 Promised Land reds. Drink to 2013.
86 points

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