Monday, July 4, 2011


- Eden Valley, SA
- $16-$23
- Screwcap
- 13.5%alc

Around 3 years ago I fell in love with Yalumba's value packed 2007 Wild Ferment Chardonnay, awarding it 93 points and purchasing half a dozen, which quickly became one. Fast forward to the present day and as I'm drinking the last bottle, my appreciation hasn't changed one iota.

Golden yellow in colour, with classy, balanced aromas of almond meal, vanilla and cream bolstered by big, BIG yellow nectarines, Yalumba's 2007 Wild Ferment has seemingly flowered in the bottle, becoming richer, bolder, funkier and even sunnier. There's an additional undertone of white nougat too, complementing a nose which has clearly developed beautifully and bountifully over the short term. Its palate's glowingly flavoured, glossy, sumptuous and drinks with discerning ease, as its creamy yellow peach flavours are drawn down the palate to great effect by a powerful, savoury taste of nuts and a fluid undertone of vanilla. It's straight-up delicious and doesn't need to be described much more than that. If you have any, drink up!

ü+ You know those magical times when you pull a wine out of storage, crack it, drink it, absolutely adore it, then gloatingly think to yourself; 'wow, that was exactly when that should've been drunk.' Well, this was one of those times. Perfect. Drink now.
93 points


  1. Hi Chris,

    Great, passionate note.

    First time I've seen someone congratulating themselves for pitch perfect timing, I hope to see more of it!

    Thanks again for the tip on the Freeman wine. Can't recall if I commented or not, it's a knock-out for my tastes, and there'll be lots more of it in my life in the future!

  2. Thanks Via :)

    Almost every time I pull a bottle from storage (post consumption) I think; 'hmm, should've waited a little bit longer, or, should've drunk this last year', but no such problems with the 2007 Wild Ferment whatsoever. :)

    No worries about the tip re: the Freeman wine, glad to hear you're enjoying it. I actually went back to my local independent recently and grabbed another 3, which immediately became 2...... :)

    Chris P

  3. Hi Chris,

    Just cracked another Freeman with a very rich mushroom risotto here on a winter's afternoon.

    Hard to top this for WOTY for me I reckon.

  4. Oh yeah! Lucky, lucky person you....

    On the basis of being a progressive style, absolutely delicious and incredible value for money, I might have to agree with your WOTY Via :)