Friday, July 29, 2011


- Beechworth, VIC
- $44-$57
- Screwcap
- 13.5%alc

Nantua Les Deux is the unusual second chardonnay label of Australian chardonnay masters Giaconda. Unusual, I say, because although the back label merely states; 'CHARDONNAY', it also contains a portion of the white Rhone variety roussanne, for added complexity and richness.

Showing off an undoubtedly impressive chardonnay component in its fragrance, the 2010 Nantua Les Deux is bright, savoury and funky, flaunting nutty, lightly spiced, matchstick and mineral aromas with great emphasis above underlying fluffy white peach and melon tones. If there's any roussanne evident on the nose, it's handsomely overshadowed by an energetic partner as well as the proud scent of skilled winemaking. In the mouth it's golden and buttery, somewhat large yet long, curvaceous and sophisticated, with a finely honed-in acidity that slips and slides graciously, revealing a well judged hint of phenolics at the back end. Its flavours are pure bliss; yellow stonefruits and minerals with savoury touches of hazelnut praline and creamy vanilla oak to progress, with an emergent taste of citrus providing necessary freshness in its rather warm and cosy, sumptuous finish. Think of it as a perfumed, voluptuous beauty to happily take home tonight, but ebb with caution around long term commitment.

ü+ As an automatic, buy today to drink tonight, don't even bother putting it in the fridge during winter kind of white, this has so much complex, excessive appeal. In that respect, Giaconda's really nailed the chardonnay/roussanne blend in 2010. Drink to 2014.
92 points

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  1. within the mouth it's golden and buttery, somewhat big however long, curvaceous and sophisticated, having a finely honed-in acidity that slips and slides graciously
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