Wednesday, February 16, 2011


- Adelaide Plains, SA
- $10-$20
- Screwcap
- 12.0%alc

Even though summer's almost over, the recent hot spell reminded me it's about time I picked up my annual supply of Primo Estate's La Biondina. Cheap, cheerful and simply shameless summertime whites generally don't come much better.

With suggestions of green apple and melon most evident on the nose, the 2010 La Biondina seems more refined and perhaps greener than recent efforts, but there's also a scent of the label's classic passionfruit, and ultimately, it's all very clean and fresh in the truest La Biondina sense. Matching the nose is a refreshing cleanliness that highlights and delivers its juicy, mouth-filling white grape flavour, which hits the front and mid-sections nicely, just as a wine of its type should. Pure and simple, refreshingly soft acids provide a gently balancing framework for its finish, with lingering tastes of rockmelon and gooseberry sticking around for sweetly set goodbye notes. It's straight-up delicious and shameless, like licking sweat off your partner's back.

ü+ The cleanly balanced, fruity and flavoursome 2010 sits right back in the La Biondina's style groove. Top form. Drink now.
90 points

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