Tuesday, February 1, 2011


- Mount Barker, WA
- $15-$22
- Screwcap (Stelvin-Lux)
- 11.5%alc

If there's one wine style I'd personally like to see achieve better distribution throughout Adelaide's retailers, then it's Great Southern riesling. Older vintages from the likes of Plantagenet, Frankland Estate, Ferngrove and Alkoomi seem to be gathering dust on the shelves of numerous retailers (and in some cases, unlikely to be restocked), while the only current vintage wines I've been able to obtain in the last 12 months have been from Howard Park and Larry Cherubino's stable (thank you Halliday ;). Nothing against the last two names mentioned but.......sigh(!).

Just as the back label states, Ad Hoc's 2010 Riesling is 'unassuming' in its very tight, shy aromatic introduction, which presents a limey, pristine and pure fragrance of floral riesling fruits underlined by a gentle touch of wet stone/chalk. Once the palate hits though; it's 'unassuming' no more. It's juicy and rich, with a concentrated, weighty presence of lime juice and green apples that become saturated with citric accents as it powers down the palate, before showing a hint of sherbet-like fizz at the climax. A sumptuous, mouth filling impression may leave the deepest hole here, but a well contained, dry and lithe acid structure that's been polished to the point of refreshment ensures its length and drive aren't to be scoffed at either.

ü+ As beautiful Australian riesling continues spreading its wings across the country, I'm keeping a keen eye on what labels are going to challenge the Clare and Eden Valley's dominance of the sub-$20 market. Ad Hoc's Wallflower has definitely stepped forward as a challenger (distribution helps). Drink to 2018.
91 points


  1. Haven't tried this one. Just picked up the 2011 at a bottle shop for dinner tonight, keen to give it a try. If its as good as it sounds, I may have to revise my "Clare, Canberra or bust" philosophy about Australian Rieslings.

  2. Love to know how you go Dasein. Haven't had the 2011 yet but heard good reports on many whites from that part of the world for the year. Especially keen to know if it broadens your philosophy a bit, those wines are often the most memorable ones.


    Chris P

  3. Had the 2011 on Saturday night, loved it! Your description of the 2010 is appropriate. I do need to reconsider my philosophy!

  4. Big cheers for the feedback Dasein - I'll keep me eyes peeled for one!