Wednesday, February 23, 2011


- Hunter Valley, NSW
- $11-$20
- Screwcap
- 11.5%alc

Mount Pleasant certainly shocked a few people last year, thanks to the arrival of a 2010 Elizabeth released with practically no bottle age and a splash of sauvignon blanc (?), which runs parallel with the bottle aged Elizabeth. Perhaps McWilliam's could've avoided some confusion AND attracted the attention of monarchists, by naming the new wine Mount Pleasant Elizabeth II.

Although not exceptionally clean or pure on the nose, Mount Pleasant's 2010 Elizabeth smells quite expressive and funky for such a young Hunter sem. Ripe rockmelons and a tinge of citrus blossom adorn its fragrance, as well as an ever so sly hint of sweaty tropical fruit that suggests there may be another passenger along for the ride. The palate moves quickly into a surprisingly full, rich middle section, with fresh rockmelon, bitter-edged green apple and faint tobacco flavours, but the palate extension expected of good young Hunter semillon never really occurs, leaving the mouth feeling fractionally nonplussed if you have high expectations of Hunter semillon.

O Hmmm. The back label states; 'this 2010 Elizabeth is made for immediate enjoyment', a statement which may differ from what consumers have come to expect from Elizabeth, but with the 2010's straight forward length and acid structure, it isn't exactly what you'd desire in such a young Lizzy. Light seafood lunch special. Drink to 2015.
88 points

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  1. As a side note in regards to some of the shock created by this wine....

    I walked into a large (massive) retailer last week and asked their Fine Wine Manager if they had the 2010 Elizabeth. I was told; "No. They don't release that wine until it's 5 years old."

    Rest assured he was well and truly surprised when I showed him the wine in his own store. :)