Sunday, November 7, 2010


- King Valley, VIC
- $17-$26
- Screwcap
- 12.1%alc

As the partner of a one-eyed chardonnay drinker, I've noticed the rise in prominence of pinot grigio throughout casual-dining venues (thanks to its association as a food friendly style) has only made things harder to get ahold of a glass of decent chardonnay at such places - and all this comes at a time when the number of good Australian chardonnays is increasing across all price ranges! Let's just hope more of our wineries follow in the footsteps of makers like Pizzini, and get grigio right!

Pizzini's 2010 is a predictably pale-straw grigio, but its nose is less predictable; it's delicate and withdrawn, yet laden with subtle character. A smooth whiff of creamed nuts provide something of a blanket for its tight white flower, mineral and melon aromas, which altogether come forth with the volume of a whisper. Its palate delivers a fullness of clear-cut creamy mineral and white pear flavours without being round or fat, and thankfully, it's all very clean and unmarked from beginning, to middle, to end. The finish presents something of a joyous contrast, as a slightly chalky, bright acidity grips the mouth's outer edges, while an undercarriage of lingering, juicy mineral fruit flavour contradicts the progression.

ü+ A brilliant little grigio of clarity, freshness, shape and grip, with more than enough mineral aspects to please the discerning. It's exactly the type of wine I'd be delighted to see on my local speakeasy's wine list. Drink to 2013.
92 points


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  2. As a Grigio apologist, I am embarassed to admit I haven't tasted this as yet. Pizzini are pretty much the best producers of the style in Australia, as you well know CP :) Great to hear the '10 continues the legacy.

    ps- previous post removed due to typo.

  3. Yes, the 10's a good'un JP. For a man like yourself I'm sure it won't be too long before you get around to knocking some back :) What with all this warm weather coming up...
    ...but isn't it always summer white weather in Bris Vegas? :)

    Chris P

  4. I loved the 09, so good to hear this is top notch too Chris.