Sunday, November 21, 2010


- Clare Valley, SA
- $16-$22
- Screwcap
- 12.5%alc

My early impressions of 2010 suggest it should be the third straight good vintage for South Australia's premier riesling districts. The better 2010 rieslings I've had from both Clare and the Eden Valley show a pleasing richness and fullness of flavour, complemented by the tight acid structures that lovers of these wines seek.

Aromas of tropical fruit punch and blossom emanate from Knappstein's Hand Picked Riesling, in a perfumed fashion that's bound to please many, while a slightly sweet-edged yet clean expression of lemon and lime fruit lingers beneath. Although a little loose in some sections, the palate is squeaky clean, juicy and downright addictive on a hot day. Its initial flavour burst of lemons, apples and mineral evolves into a more lemony, tangy and perhaps even sherbet-like finish, pushed along by an approachable, soft and brittle acid balance that refreshes as it cleanses. This time of year, drink it refrigerator-cold for maximum return.

ü Knappstein's 2010 Hand Picked Riesling may be a fraction simple and without the sheer power of Clare's finest, but it's 35 degrees in Adelaide today and I can't help myself from going back to the fridge to pour myself another glass before the missus gets home. My only wish is that it were $5 cheaper, like Jim Barry's Watervale. Drink to 2016.
90 points


  1. Great review Chris - corresponds with my memories of it. Tasted this with the wine maker Julian a few weeks back and the primary thought was "this should be a popular style for summer". It is approachable from the nose onwards, and definitely should be served refrigerator cold. It might lose some of its tropical/punch flavours with half a year in the bottle, but right now it is a good all-round wine for a summer BBQ in my view.
    In NSW we tend to get this for the same price as the JB Watervale ($14-18).
    Not my style of Riesling, though would not pass up a glass this summer (especially if the alternative is a Sauv Blanc!)



  2. Thanks Brown,

    Firstly I'm in complete agreeance with Jeremy Pringle and now you as well! What's up with us wine bloggers? ;)

    Much agreed that it'll be a fantastic wine to drink over the next 6 months/coming summer especially. I could've easily downed a whole bottle to myself in no time yesterday (mmm, good thing or bad thing.........?)

    The JB Watervale comparison was just made in regards to the JB's R.R.P. price being $16 ($4 less than Knappstein's) as well as that I know if I wait and shop smart (or perhaps stupid for the future of the retail industry really :/ ) I could occasionally pick up the JB for as low as $11 in SA, whereas I've never seen Knappstein's flogged off for that low (or at least as I can recall).

    Chris P