Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In addition to seeking out the world's finest chocolates for their VinoChoc tasting, Hahndorf Hill also seek out what they believe to be the world's cleanest water as a palate cleanser.

Originating from Tasmania, Cape Grim claims to be the 'cleanest natural water in the known world'. Supposedly the air over their water source travels up from Antarctica, passing over 16,000km of clean sea water and little else. They believe that purity of air equals exceptional water quality.

Cape Grim's back label reads; 'Clean air means clean water. City air purity ranges between 10,000 and 500,000 particles per cubic centimetre. The water in this bottle was collected on days when the air purity was between 0 and 600 particles per cubic centimetre. The smooth, soft characteristics of this water reflect indiscernable levels of naturally evolving salts.'

I'm sitting here drinking it right now and it tastes pretty good to me, but I've never really viewed water in that deep an analytical sense.

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