Tuesday, June 22, 2010


- Henty, VIC
- $33-$39
- Screwcap
- 13.5%alc

Crawford River's iconic riesling sits proudly alongside the 2 Grosset rieslings and Petaluma's Hanlin Hill as the only rieslings included in Langton's Classification of Australian Wine IV. Perhaps this is but one indication Langton's 2005 classification is beginning to show its age, because I for one believe that across recent vintages Crawford River's reputation as Henty's benchmark has been seriously challenged by the exquisite Seppelt Drumborg.

Made from a vineyard established in 1975, Crawford River's 2009 Riesling reveals a tight, mineral nose of white flowers and grapefruit augmented by impressive wet slate aspects and unexpected creamy undertones. Underpinned by ripe, sweet fruit nuances, its clear palate delivers a full, rich and luscious expression of white stonefruits and minerals with a truly opulent texture for young riesling, but thankfully, a clean and timely wash of refreshingly soft, chalky lemony-citric acids neatly balances its lengthy conclusion.

ü There's so much to like here. With a lusciously textured richness of ripe yet clear varietal fruit harnessed by soft, refreshing acids, this flies in the face of Australian convention. A great Crawford. Drink to 2017.
93 points


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