Saturday, May 1, 2010


- South Australia
- $549-$650
- Cork
- 14.5%alc

The challengers have come thick and fast over the years but Penfolds Grange still remains Australia's ultimate wine in the broadest sense. The 2005 release certainly has its work cut out for it, having to follow on from a wine that should go on to become an all time great Grange (2004-98pts). A rather customary addition of cabernet sauvignon (4%) was included in the 2005, which was sourced from South Australia's Barossa Valley (88%), McLaren Vale and Coonawarra.

It's notably closed on first sniff, with a bouquet that hides deep in the bottom of the glass. Slowly it unfolds to a rustic, savoury fruited and complex nose of cola, berries, red and dark fruits and aniseed, overlying some carefully laden chocolate/vanilla oak (18 months in 100% new American) with lashings of meat and leather. Similarly, the complex palate is also closed and withdrawn, yet fine, long and penetrative, with an understated, lingering depth of masculine, earthy plum and rhubarb fruits graced by smatterings of chocolate. A fresh presence of youthful, sour-edged sweet fruit flavours adorn its long aftertaste, as well as the complementary extract of Grange's strong structural elements and iron-clad tannins.

O It's very hard to rate this young, closed, long term wine right now. Clearly (or downright obviously even) it's demanding a long stint in the cellar to unfold and reveal its inner beauty. What I can say is that it's a bloody good 2005 that will reward patience. Wait, wait, wait. Drink 2020-2035.
95 points


  1. is grange REALLY worth the money?

  2. I guess it's kinda like a Ferrari in a sense. If you're a middle class citizen on around $50,000 a year than having a regular Grange drinking habit probably wouldn't make too much sense, but if you're a multi-millionaire then a bottle of Grange would look like much better value for money.

    Personally, of the Grange wines I've had I would say some of them actually represent fair value for money (preferably at auction prices though!). Like all wine Grange reflects seasonal variation and has its outstanding years and perhaps not so outstanding. At its rather substantial asking price I think it's really relying on a good vintage to be good value, unless you're a Grange collector and you buy every vintage regardless.

    For example, on the occasions when I drunk both the 2002 and 2004 Granges I recall immediately thinking in my head; 'Wow! Now that's a $600 wine!', but with the 2001, 2003 and 2005 wines my reactions were much more pedestrian. Of course, Grange really comes into its own with extended cellaring....

    Given that Grange is practically Australia's most expensive wine it must also shoulder some form of responsibility to be the best, which I don't think is necessarily the case every year.

    Grange can be worth the money IF you can afford it AND you can appreciate it.

    Hope I've been of some assistance Adrian, it must be a very asked question within Australian wine and I'd imagine everyone has an opinion - that's just mine.

    Chris P

  3. Tasted this at the Dan Murphys Shiraz tasting and thought it was an incredibly impressive wine, that smacked of something that will be superb in time.
    If I could afford Grange I would buy it. I would never say that its 5 time better than many top $100 bottles of Aussie shiraz, but it's never a straight line equation with wine now is it!

  4. Thanks Red, definitely agree with your comments here, as I too can't afford Grange but that doesn't mean I don't aspire to go out and buy heaps one day. Those Dan Murphys Shiraz Expos certainly do a good job of highlighting the philanthropic nature of that store sometimes don't they? Across the nation they must give away 10's of 1000's of $$$$ worth of stock in a single day. Still, if it stops people from going to their competitors for a day......

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