Saturday, May 22, 2010


- McLaren Vale, SA
- $25
- Screwcap
- 12.5%alc

After much debate, research and discussion, the Australian wine formerly known as albarino seems to of settled into its new title; savagnin. Although albarino might roll off the tongue more eloquently than savagnin (in a vocal sense), the bottom line remains the same; it's an exciting new variety with loads of potential in Australia. Some have likened savagnin to containing pinot gris-like character with riesling-like acidity.

Biodynamically produced and partially fermented in oak (20%), Gemtree's 2009 Savagnin presents a clean and clear, fresh fragrance of green nashi pear and melons with a minor suggestion of crushed nuts adding savoury interest. Surprisingly weighty and textured, its rather viscous palate pushes through very clean yet fat, gris-like crunchy pear flavours, with an extensive finish drawn out by tangy/lemony citric acids and a wonderfully even persistence of flavour.

O The 2009 Moonstone is a well judged savagnin, with its clean varietal fruit base enhanced by great length and winemaker induced textural elements. For much the same price I'd happily take a bottle of this over most Australian gris any day of the week (but riesling...). Drink to 2011.
89 points

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