Sunday, May 16, 2010


- Eden Valley, SA
- $20-$33
- Screwcap
- 14.0%alc

Thanks at least in part to the directions undertaken by ex-Petaluma winemaker Con Moshos, Mountadam has gone full circle, regaining their status as benchmark producers of Eden Valley whites. Personally I'm thrilled by Mountadam's recent success, as Mr Moshos is amongst the most likable, friendliest and upfront winemakers I've ever met.

Quite worked yet clean, classy and balanced, Mountadam's 2008 Chardonnay opens to savoury winemaker derived scents of grilled nuts, wheatmeal and cheesy/creamy tones overlying grapefruit and lemon citrus aromas with a note of toasty butter oak evident. With masses of flavour and penetrating length the mouthfilling palate delivers a funked-up tapestry of grapefruit and melon flavours with toasty vanilla/cedar oak, cheesy malolactic notes and side-splitting grapefruit-like acids, which combine to make for an in-your-face yet perfectly harmonious and surprisingly squeaky clean drinking experience.

ü+ It may be a different beast to your typical modern Australian chardonnay but Mountadam's 2008 can't be faulted within its stylistic boundaries. It's very long, funky and rather special considering its modest price, while it should age particularly well too. Drink to 2015.
93 points


  1. I think I found it a little less savoury than you CP, with more sweet griiled peach. But we both agree it's big and good :)


  2. Chris,

    I usually only buy single bottles these days, but this was something I really liked and so I went back and bought another bottle. Which perhaps is not reflected in my note. I think I was sways by how it tasted the following day - much less showy and more tightness.


  3. It's definitely big and good JP, but after reading your comment Ed I'm kinda disappointed it never made it to the second night at my place. I certainly feel it's the type of chardy which might settle into something even better with about another 2+ years in the bottle. The trials and tribulations of having a chardonnay loving girlfriend....