Thursday, July 30, 2009


Australian Wine Journal uses the 100 point scoring method. Below is a brief explanation of how I interpret this method, which can be confusing at first, especially since 75 effectively equates to zero.

96+ Top Gold/Trophy Exceptional. Wine of the highest standard.
94-95 Gold Medal Extremely good wine. Outstanding expression of variety or style.
92-93 Top Silver Medal Very good wine. Just missed out on Gold Medal.
90-91 Silver Medal Good wine.
87-89 Bronze Medal Wine has achieved a certain standard. Very acceptable.
85-86 - Average wine. Still shows some pleasing features.
82-84 - Below average wine. Showing some undesirable features.
79-81 - Poor wine.
76-78 - Very poor wine.
75 - Effectively zero.
74- - Seriously tainted or faulty wine.

In addition to a score out of 100, I also give wines a recommendation rating in terms of value for money. This rating is done in the way of a small graphic at the beginning of the wine summary. The following graphics indicate as follows:

ü+ Highly Recommended
ü Recommended
O Commendable
X Not Recommended

Wines will be awarded a higher recommendation graphic if they represent something original, or particularly interesting, but their 100 point score will not be altered as such.

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