Friday, July 31, 2009


 - Adelaide Hills, SA
 - $29-$42
 - Cork
 - 13.0%alc

Petaluma's Croser is South Australia's premier sparkling white wine. Although the memories are beginning to fade, there was a time when many recognised it as Australia's best. The 2006 combines 63% pinot noir with 37% chardonnay.

Pale straw, with abundant bead and foamy lace, it reveals a fascinating yet fresh blend of honey, nougat and almond meal aromas bound by notes of melon and citrus. It's quite rich and creamy on the palate with good mid-palate weight, but its fast developing, idiosyncratic and forward flavours of meaty cherries and yeast with honeyed nut undertones lack the genuine length, finesse and effervescent drive of the top vintages, finishing with a mild presence of lemony/grapefruit-like acids.

O A different style of Croser by my reckoning; it'll be interesting to see how this label evolves now its namesake has moved on (and with impending Japanese ownership). Drink to 2011.
88 points


  1. Agreed.

    This seems to have gone backwards, quality wise. Sad state of affairs for what was once considered a top Aussie sparkler. RRP has come down too....

  2. Interesting comment about the RRP.

    Here in Adelaide, I can't really say it's gone down in price.

    Croser still remains $34 at cellar door, as it has been for the last 3 years. Over 2 years ago I remember Croser regularly getting discounted to $26 by the major retail chains, but for the last 2 years I haven't seen it drop below $29 (hence my left-hand price point).

    All the same I did pay $17 for this bottle a week or so ago, which is why I bought it. I remembered having the 2006 at a tasting late last year and not really liking it, certainly not $29 liking it, but for $17...

    Interesting story on how I picked it up for $17 (it tends to tie in with Jeremy's comments on my Drawing A Blanc contd... post), so here it goes:

    I noticed in a Worst Choice catalogue Croser advertised for $19, as previously mentioned I hadn't seen it below $29 for 2 years, so I thought I'd go pick one up.

    I arrived at Worst Choice (first day of advertised sale) and headed to Sparkling Wine section. I noticed no Croser, no sign of Croser, not even a ticket. The late disgorged release was available but not the 2006.
    It appeared the shelf had been emptied, as had the lower shelves, with ticket removed.

    The shop assistant approached me and asked if I needed help. I told him I was looking for a $19 bottle of Croser. To this he informed me that the advertised price was a mistake, and as such all bottles of Croser had been removed (probably until the sale was over).

    Clever me, I thought I'd go check their fridge, and low behold - 2006 Croser ($31 mind you)

    So, I went to the shop front, grabbed a catalogue, opened it to the page advertising 2006 Croser, grabbed a 2006 Croser and headed to the checkout.

    As I expected it scanned as $31, but I was extremely quick to point out the advertised price of $19. The checkout operator quickly amended the price, and then informed me if anyone beats their price, even themselves (strange that), they'll take 10% off the competitor's price (once again even if it's themselves).

    Hence - $17 Croser.

    Thanks for dropping by Andrew