Tuesday, July 14, 2009


- McLaren Vale, SA
- $18-$29
- Screwcap
- 14.0%alc

I've long admired Coriole for consistently producing an Australian sangiovese which genuinely expresses both variety and region. As the style grows increasingly popular, it's been more than obvious how many local pubs, dining venues and retail liquor outlets now stock Coriole's Sangiovese; and good on those who do!

Rather ripe, the 2008 announces a polished aroma of cherry, plums and dark chocolate with undertones of cinnamon and clove. Its dark, smooth flavours work in a seductively concentrated and silky; medium-bodied fashion, allowing a lifted extract of dry, dusty tannins to define its finish, with notes of bright fruit and green olive also making a lasting impact.

ü+ Coriole's finely textured 2008 Sangiovese is a smidgeon better than their attractively ripe 2007 (90pts), but not as good as the naturally balanced, more savoury 2004 (92pts). Another success for this very affordable label. Drink to 2014.
91 points

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  1. Hi Chris. Great to hear you think this is a step up from the 07 (which was pretty good IMHO), especially in the way you have described it. I'm lagging behind in proper tasting of 08 reds. Juggling things as we all are. I must taste this and a bottle of th 08 Pizzini together. I am besotted by Australian Italianettes. I've had a good "taste" of the 08 Pizzini and I (& a couple of others) think, with time it may be their best yet. Thanks for the review and keeping the 08 Coriole fresh in my mind.