Wednesday, April 27, 2011


- Rutherglen, VIC
- $14-$22
- Screwcap
- 17.5%alc

Picking a favourite out of Morris's entry level muscat or tokay is merely a matter of personal taste. Do you prefer the toffee and tea leaf characters of the tokay, or the slightly richer, more raisined flavours of the muscat? Either way, it's a win-win situation for lovers of fortified wine.

Mmmmm yes. Classic aromas of sultanas/raisins, fruitcake and light spice rise from the glass of the Morris Muscat, expressed with more than minor suggestions of spirity warmth, richness and a nasal tickle that's hard to ignore. In lieu of its rich underbelly, it's actually quite piercing to smell deeply. Throughout the palate those same characters persist, yet definitively, a luscious, comforting taste of liquid fruitcake delves with a snuggly warmth, before perfectly pitched influences of alcohol and a faint dryness partner its sweetly set richness to a refreshingly long, just plain positive finish. Its sheer drinkability is a huge plus, so it's by no means a one nip muscat.

ü+ I continue to be beyond satisfied by the entry level muscats and tokays of Morris. They must be some of the most consistently emptied bottles of wine at my place. Drink now.
92 points


  1. Agree! Agree! Like them very much.

  2. Indeed. It makes me happy that despite the so called lack of consumer interest in fortifieds, there seems to barely be a bottle shop in Adelaide that doesn't sell this stuff. Many a late night run for a Morris... :)