Tuesday, April 12, 2011


- King Valley, VIC
- $18-$23
- Crown Seal
- 11.5%alc

Made using the charmat method and capped with a crown seal, Dal Zotto's Pucino Prosecco makes a seriously sophisticated selection as a $20 party starter. At a recent comparative tasting (at my house!), Dal Zotto's NV came across as a much finer, drier aperitif than the more readily available, perhaps more crowd pleasing Brown Brothers Prosecco (86pts).

With an un-bottle fermented touch that puts up quite a fizzy, foamy head on first pour (it's less noticeable from there though), Dal Zotto's NV presents itself as rather simple yet attractively clean and clear on the nose, displaying aromas of crisp green apples and lemon rind with the faintest touch of something savoury; sourdough crisp bread maybe. Its palate continues along similarly simplistic lines, however, it expresses it with utter joy, clarity and complete satisfaction to the drinker. Possibly a fraction forward, it remains particularly soft to touch, in a deliciously foamy, lifted manner, as it unravels 'clean enough to eat off' flavours of white pear and lemon juice with just a hint of vanilla ice cream, backed by enough refreshingly citric induced dryness and strewn together by more than enough balance, to compensate for any lack of complexity or forthright assertion. It's one of those wines where, you should just drink it, and forget about its intricacies. Whoops - I'm contradicting myself here...

ü+ In one word; delicious. I only know one retailer (and 1 bar) in Adelaide that sells Dal Zotto's Pucino Prosecco NV, and for $20 each, I can see their stock moving faster than The Flash in a breakdancing contest. Drink now.
90 points


  1. I suspect Commissario Brunetti would be a big fan. If we drank more bubbles I'd probably be in for this one like a shot...

  2. Personally, I can only recommend drinking more bubbles Hughesy :)

    As I've forced it onto one person or another, I've seen 6 bottles of this Prosecco disappear from my place over the last fortnight (this was the last one!), and no one, irrespective of drinking experience, was disappointed. It's a wonderful house fizz, and I sense another trip to my local independent is on the cards....

    Chris P

  3. Definitely agree with your assessment Chris. For a sparkling that can be bought for less than $20 it's a ripper. Very impressed.

  4. Thanks Red. Have you tried the 2008 L'Immigrante? It's perhaps a little less 'traditional', but it's undoubtedly a finer fizz. Could Dal Zotto be one of the most progressive makers of sparkling wines in Australia right now?

  5. Pucino update...

    There's now a lot more than one retailer in Adelaide I know of selling the Dal Zotto. It's seriously starting to pop up everywhere...