Friday, April 2, 2010


- Victoria
- $11-$19
- Cork
- 12.5%alc

The Yarra Valley base of Constellation Wines, Yarra Burn, produce a steady range of Victorian sourced sparkling wines. Incorporated in their range is one of Australia's best value, cellar worthy vintage-dated sparkling whites, as well as some very reliable, non-vintage quaffing styles.

Distinctly light-bronze in colour, Yarra Burn's NV Rose opens to a clean, fresh and simple nose of creamy almonds and strawberries. Its refreshingly uncomplicated palate is gently foamy and effervescent, with a bitter edged aspect of grapefruit-like acids framing a dry, savoury expression of crispbread/dry biscuit flavour, before leaving the mouth with sparkling impression.

ü Typical of the maker this is a very tidy, large scale sparkling rose, which is fresh, simple and savoury in the truest quaffing sense. Drink now.
87 points

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