Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, Beck and myself are off to the Margaret River for a week, to sample, taste and buy wines from what I believe is Australia's best performing wine region at present (I wonder how many fellow South Australian agree with me on that - I've already had one argument with a local I brought it up with!), so there'll be no posts for a little while.
Unfortunately, I've come down with a cold in the last few days, so there have been some late changes to my itinerary, most notably no trip to the Frankland River/Great Southern regions. It's a real shame but I feel I truly need a couple more days to get better before I can really start enjoying wine again.
When I do return though, you can guarantee there'll be plenty of cellar door impressions, tasting notes, the odd wine review and even a winery restaurant review or two, as we've already booked lunches at Leeuwin Estate and Voyager Estate.
So I hope nobody minds if the focus of this site switches to the Margaret River for a bit!
Sayonara, for now.

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