Wednesday, June 22, 2011


- Western Australia
- $7-$15
- Screwcap
- 13.0%alc

White Classic has proven to be a suitable name for the wine formerly known as Houghton White Burgundy, because as a wine first made in 1937, classic is exactly what it is. No other present day label takes me back to my childhood more, sitting at the dinner table, watching my father drink wine, and he's a one-eyed South Australian red drinker!

Simple and sweet-edged yet clean and punchy, the 2010 White Classic presents a tropical fruit bouquet that takes on the guise of summertime fun, in the middle of winter. The palate doesn't veer too far from these descriptors either, as its minutely viscous undercarriage moves a sweetly flavoured glob of tinned tropical fruits, akin to pineapples with banana custard. Unfortunately, although there's a soft note of white peach fuzz left lingering in the mouth, the wine's overall impact isn't drawn down the palate with enough distinction, whilst its softly spoken, clean structure isn't exactly out of the ordinary for a well made, big brand $10 white.

O Sweet, simple, juicy, fruity, easy drinking; Houghton's 2010 White Classic forms a modern day stereotype of a quaffing white. Drink to 2012.
86 points


  1. I can remember my parents drinking this when I was a kid as well

  2. Paul,

    I think because my dad drunk so many different reds I find it difficult to remember any specific label, but when it came to his rarely consumed whites, for some reason, the white label with the blue stripe always stood out to me.

    Distinctive branding I guess :)