Monday, December 20, 2010


- Eden Valley, SA
- $22 -$30
- Screwcap
- 12.0%alc

Dandelion Vineyards is a spectacular new entrant to the South Australian wine scene. Inspired by old-vine fruit material and guided by the talented Elena Brooks, Dandelion has already turned heads by successfully blending shiraz with riesling, but it was their stunningly pure, dry, chalky and impressively structured 2009 Riesling (95pts) that really grabbed my attention.

Although quite tight and slatey, the 2010 Dandelion seems a bit more juiced up than its ultra-lean predecessor at first, yet its floral, gently spiced limey/citric fragrance remains just as compelling in both regional and varietal senses. There's a strong, gorgeous scent of wet stone that makes a clear statement as well, before its palate of stunning purity, length, shape and structure takes centre stage. A limey undercurrent underlines the wine's spotless progression from start to finish, accompanying its initial burst of mineral and white pear juice flavours into a very taut, dry acidic backbone that'll please any Eden Valley riesling enthusiast. To finish, its lime juice flavours gather momentum and surge to the end, with distinct minerals playing a complementary role yet providing greater interest. Together with its glistening structure, these two departing notes leave the mouth dying for more.

ü+ I'm particularly excited about the number of small, boutique producers making classical Eden Valley riesling at the moment, not the least of which is Dandelion Vineyards. Superb. Drink to 2022.
94 points


  1. Heyu Chris

    Thanks for the words.

    We are lookign forward to pickign the 2011 Wonderland - the vinyards 100th season, but still a long way off with all the cool weather. Only 8 beaume today

    Cheers Zar Brooks Dandelion Vineyards

  2. Heyu Zar!

    Thank you for the truly excellent riesling!

    I didn't mention it in the note, but something I really loved in your 2009 and 2010 Rieslings, was the way both mirrored the qualities of their respective vintages, to the highest level.

    Obviously 2011 has presented a VERY different set of seasonal events, and I look forward to your Wonderland of the Eden Valley Riesling to set another seasonal benchmark, soon. :)

    Happy Birthday too!

    Chris P