Friday, March 19, 2010


- Rutherglen, VIC
- $14-$21
- Screwcap
- 17.5%alc

For anyone looking for an entry point into the under-rated delights of Australia's rich and luscious fortified wines, they need look no further than the Morris Liqueur Tokay. At $15 it isn't just one of my perennial favourite Australian wines, it's also an absolute bargain. Every time I see it on a wine list, the little grandfather inside of me can't help but raise a suggestive smile.

A lush golden brown colour, this Non-Vintage Tokay opens to a fragrant nose of toffee, nuts and tea supported by overtones of fruitcake character. Luxuriantly smooth and sticky, with pleasing balance, its rich palate shows a myriad of bright, ripe tokay flavours with notes of honeyed sultana and toffee in the driver's seat. Of particular note is the fine finish; clean and generously long, with just a hint of spirity warmth which doesn't dominate.

ü+ Once all the sparkling shiraz has been polished off, there might not be a more appropriate way to wind down Christmas than a bottle of Morris Liqueur Tokay. Drink now.
92 points

Case In Point Update 19-Mar-2010

Casey: Golden brown in colour, with a lovely, rich viscosity and toffee and raisins on the nose. Silky smooth over the tongue, with abundant fresh Christmas fruitcake flavour. A subtle soul warming finish. A thing I love about a good fortified wine is it's so easy to review, with its aromatic vapours and rich, full palate. Even when retiring after a delicious dinner the bold characteristics of the wine shine through.

Chris: After a fair hiatus, welcome back Casey to Australian Wine Journal! As I look over my original note for the Morris Tokay, I must say there's barely a word I'd disagree with (the golden-brown colour is decidedly translucent though). Rather fortuitously, Casey's note also matches how I feel about the wine, if apparently spelt out a bit differently. I particularly like Casey's note about its 'rich viscosity', which I feel sums up the Morris Tokay's mouthfeel and flow exceptionally well. And yes, I too love how you can pull out a fortified wine after several previous courses of food and wine, yet still genuinely appreciate its pleasures. The next Case In Point will definitely NOT be a non-vintage wine by the way. My score remains the same. 92

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