Monday, January 18, 2010


- Southern Australia
- $6-$14
- Cork
- 11.5%alc

One of Australia's most recognisable global brands, Jacob's Creek, is also one of our most popular makers of cheap and cheerful fizz. Jacob's Creek's sparkling range has been bolstered in recent years with the addition of some attractively packaged moscato-styles, but perhaps of more interest is their clear glass-bottled Blanc de Blancs.

Pale-straw and aesthetically straight forward, this 100% chardonnay reveals a fresh and inviting nose of sparkling lemon citrus and white flowers backed by a delightful yeasty tone. The palate has good weight, effervescence and dryness for its price, presenting an uncomplicated yet tightly wound mix of creamy grapefruit and lemon citrus flavours, with a persisting creaminess outlined by spiky lemon sherbet-like acids in a crisp fashion.

ü+ I'll happily jump on board with Quaff's Peter Forrestal here. Jacob's Creek's Blanc de Blancs is a miraculous achievement at $7, which puts other, significantly more expensive sparklings to shame. Who needs cheap pinot grapes at $7 a bottle? House bubbles of the year? Drink now.
89 points


  1. Thanks for the write up Chris! I switched from the standard Jacobs Creek to the blancs about a year ago and haven't looked back since!

  2. No worries!

    You might be interested to know I bought a case of this on the weekend, which I assume is from a newer batch as all the bottles display an 'Australian Open Sponsor' sticker (guess they're regretting re-negging on the Tour?) I purposely passed on the Aus Open bottle for this review (I didn't want it in my pic!), choosing the unmarked bottle instead.

    The Aus Open bottles I consumed on Sunday night had much more lemony tang than the bottle reviewed, and probably weren't as nice overall. I'm kinda hoping they'll settle down a bit with 3-6 months in the bottle, but perhaps it's just the batch.

    There's been some interesting discussion on Andrew Graham's
    in regards to the inconsistency of such wines lately, which might be worth checking out (if you haven't already?)

    Chris P

  3. p.s.

    I still definitely agree the Blanc de Blancs is superior to the standard though