Sunday, November 22, 2009


 - Yarra Valley, VIC
 - $26-$34
 - Screwcap
 - 12.0%alc

I wouldn't normally recommend two and a half year old Australian sauvignon blanc to anyone, with the main exception being some of our better wooded styles. De Bortoli's 2007 Sauvignon is certainly one I would recommend, which clearly states the complex developed characters attainable through short term cellaring for wooded sauvignon blanc.

Very toasty/nutty on the nose, with pronounced straw, lemon and mineral aromas backed by a suggestion of brine, its compelling fragrance leads into a smooth, rich and savoury palate of restrained fruit character. Finishing with penetrative length and zesty acids, it leaves lasting impressions of briney/salty/seaweed and smoky notes in an almost Islay Malt-like fashion. Complexity and idiosyncrasy define its unique flavour; whether it's derived more through winemaker, bottle age or perhaps other influences I'm unsure, but it's complemented by enough texture, length and acidity to genuinely enthrall the palate.

üA highly original sauvignon blanc unique to the Australian scene. I strongly recommend this to brave, adventurous drinkers, but consume within 12 months (just to be on the safe side). Drink to 2010.
93 points

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